We care for the safety of your products.

The range of services we offer to our collaborators is based on the analysis in laboratories equipped with the latest tools, access, logistics, storage-services and safe transportation.

We provide storage and drying of grain in optimal conditions and our partners are always available with innovative solutions. Along with the most prestigious partners we can offer our customers the quality they deserve.


1. Logistics
Transportation with optimal conditions

Easy access to the base, including the railway line we own, making loading and unloading grain much easier and faster.
We guarantee precise weighing and the quality of the analysis made in our laboratory with up-to-date equipment and tools.

2. Storage
Maintaining the ideal storage temperature

Storing grain through a robust and innovative technique ensures the best conditions by controlling the products’ temperature and humidity.
Using the latest aeration techniques with permanent automatic control, guarantees maintaining the same quality for longer periods of storage.

3. Transport
Safety and professionalism

Our company is part of a group of companies with extensive experience in transportation and logistics, along with prestigious enterprises in the same area.
We have own car park, created in order to take care of personal safety of our customers.