We are committed to the quality of Romanian agriculture.

For over 10 years in Romania, we have gained prestige through the acquisition of agricultural land, grain storage and seed multiplication. We started in 2001, currently owning an area of ​​over 5,000 hectares.

Three years later, we purchased Gătaia Grain Front Base, later to expanding the  storage capacity up to 30,000 tons. The development process continues through a series of investments so that our team performs their work in the best conditions. Thus, the modern headquarters for cargo reception, laboratory and offices are born.

In 2012, stages of modernization reach the highest European standards, after the company turns into a society with German capital. Construction of a new warehouse for storing tractors and machinery and a modern workshop for their technical review takes place. Obtaining certificates GMP + B3 and subsequently ISO 9001 creates new goals in our vision, which means a new department, transport, and implementation of new standards.